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Cefoperazone + Sulbactum Inj 1.5gm

Esomeprazole Inj 40mg

Piperacillin + Tazobactum Inj USP 4.5gm/2.25gm

Cefoperazone + Sulbactum Inj 1gm

Ceftriaxone + Sulbactum Inj 1.5gm

Ceftriaxone Inj IP 250mg

Ceftriaxone + Tazobactum Inj 1.125gm

Ceftriaxone Inj IP 1gm

Ofloxacin Opthalmic Solution USP 0.3%

Sodium Carboxy methylcellulose Eye Drops 0.5%

Ambroxol Hydrochloride 15mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Phenylpherine HCl 5mg…

Cefpodoxime Oral Suspension IP 50mg

Cefixime Oral Susp IP 50mg

Itraconazole Capsule 100mg

Multivitamin+Multimineral Capsule

Rabeprazole sodium + Domperidone Capsules

Aceclofenac + Rabeprazole Sodium Capsules

Cefixime 200mg dispersible

Ofloxacin 200mg

Diclofenac Potassium + Serratio 10mg


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